Organisers: John Le Page & Dan Tarrant


Website: was but found Slack much better comms and Meetup much better for attendees (


Audience: Mainly aimed at Digital PMs in and around the area but actually for anyone with interest in delivery and efficiency/effectiveness (lean) production/delivery.


Meetups: Usually every 4-6 weeks, various venues by design to keep it neutral. Eventbrite and are vendors. Tickets are free currently but nominal ‘cost of living’ charge (£1-2) may be introduced.


Description: We run these after work for a few hours. Agenda includes industry hot topics, news, sometimes a game and/or a guest speaker. All run with a slidedeck (example from last meetup: The idea is it is community based so anyone can jump in. We are going to try a lean coffee idea next time to make it even more about group participation and leading.


Communication channels:






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