Organisers: Luke Williams, Paul Albinson, Adrian Howard, sometimes Jonathan Ginn




Audience: Anyone with an interest in technology


Meetups: Annual one day unconference format event – date changes but past events have been between feb-may


Description: A BarCamp is often referred to as an unconference. They are inclusive, participatory based, user generated events. There are no set talks or keynotes, any attendee can contribute to the BarCamp by giving a talk on the day, with no prior notice, on any topic that they wish. This means that BarCamps have a diverse and exciting range of talks at every event, with something for everyone and if there isn’t a talk that you wish to attend (which is unlikely) – you can put one on yourself, someone else is always interested!


Previous talks have included: Digital Democracy, How I built a jet engine in my garage, Slideshare karaoke, Failure swapshop, How we’re taught maths today (by Grace, 9), Oculus rift demo, Vagrant & Puppet, Bitcoin…


Communication channels: @bcbournemouth /

Barcamp Bournemouth

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